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Coming and GoingComing and Going

Coming and Going is hilarious, with snappy dialog, eccentric characters, and a sweet flight attendant named Kitty McNab, who extricates herself from a problem on a cruise ship with an irresistible magician called Carlos, only to find herself in another mess with the charming Dr. Morrissey, an orthopaedist, who loses his identity.  Will love ever run smoothly?  Or should she quickly run away from it? As her job takes her to exotic foreign locales and her love life gets complicated, sometimes she doesn't know whether she is coming or going. 

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Moonlight MelodyMoonlight Melody

Few American women are as ready for adventure as New York journalist, Darla Penrod. In her late twenties, Darla is an original: as rich and complicated as she is a free spirit and personally courageous.

She knows she is a talented writer, but nobody can get past her beauty and family's millions. She decides to prove her intelligence by manipulating her way down to Chile to cover a hot political story. She unexpectedly meets handsome brute, GarthCatano. His rugged good looks and rakish charm did not impress her, she had gone out with millionaires. Still... she found him popping back into her mind when the moon was noisy and melon ripe.

Darla's life veers in a new direction as she finds herself involved in diabolical geo-political challenges. When Garth deceives her, she flies off to Tuscany for a much needed vacation and into the arms of Etienne Jordan, the charismatic symphony conductor; only to be confronted by his secret.

Despite her kidnapping and romantic difficulties, she manages to survive the twists of life and capture the man of her dreams.

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Poetic Petals

Poetic PetalsTo love, to suffer, to forgive; the pursuits, the longings, the failures, the sentiments we all feel are here in my romantic anthology of over 50 poems from my heart. Some are in Spanish, and ever accompanied by beautiful color photographs of flowers. Truly a great gift for your loved one.

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Husband HuntingHusband Hunting

Alicia had no reason for marriage, she was having a great time being single, but when her step-father suggested she might turn into an “old-maid”, he made her an offer she found hard to resist. He would pay her ticket around the world, all expenses paid, providing she returns with a husband. She immediately accepted his challenge and embarked upon a husband-hunting adventure, and in the process discovered her own weaknesses.

The story unfolds of how she was constantly falling in love with the wrong men: Attilio, the singing psychiatrist whose love produced disastrous emotional consequences, pushing her into the arms of Luis, her Latin lover from ArgentinaArno, the Italian count, who hid behind her beauty; Ted, the American industrialist, who lied to her in Tokyo. When she set her sites on Jack, a California pilot, he was in no mood for marriage, ever accompanied by a bevy of suntanned beauties. Running out of time, she puts her devious plan into action.

Husband Hunting, a woman’s search for a husband is indeed cosmopolitan and delightful reading. Each chapter describes the nation Alicia is hunting in at the time: the land of the tango, Argentina romantic Italy , haughty Germany , and frigid yet passionate Russia. Husband Hunting, the story of one woman’s search for marriage, is a blueprint for husband hunting.

$10.00 plus postage

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Murder by RosesMurder By Roses

A beautiful Cuban woman is shot in Palm Beach when she opens the door of her mansion to receive a bouquet of roses for her birthday. The police suspect her billionaire husband, Lord Howard Arthur Thorpenton, III, killed her, but when his 112 foot yacht, is found abandoned in a hurricane, they presume he drowned and close their files on the case considering it a murder-suicide. But her sister, Felicia, is not so sure, and embarks upon revenge.

Palm Beach takes its scandals seriously, and the wagging tongues of the bitchy divas are working overtime, and assume that Howard was lost at sea, but “probably did it.” However, Lord Thorpenton, emerges in Sri Lanka, taking on the identity of a botanist, until his lawyers can clear his good name. Now a widower, he meets the lovely unsuspecting Parul Bhavani, and makes her his third wife. But her sister, a clairvoyant, does not trust him. They are living quietly on a tea plantation when Interpol picks him up for the murder of his second wife. His family in London could not be tied in to this conspiracy because the super rich live by their own rules.

$15.00 plus postage

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Forbidden PassionForbidden Passion

Will the pope abolish celibacy?

Alinka at WaldenbooksA passion prohibited by the Roman Catholic Church. When Mara Neill, married to a commercial pilot, falls in love with her parish priest, the handsome Fr. O’Dell, her husband, an ex-Navy pilot, threatens to kill the passionate priest. In order to avoid a catastrophe, Mara convinces her husband to sue him instead. The priest, torn by his love for Mara, a beautiful actress, and his love for the church, anguishes over whether to leave the church and marry her or attempt again to be true to his broken vow of celibacy. When somebody discloses the sordid details of the lawsuit to the parishioners, they demand the bishop return the disgraced priest back to the flock or they will withhold their tithings. The media embarks upon a barrage of publicity, and when the bishop returns the priest to his parish, Mara, outraged, fights back by hiring a private detective, who uncovers some of the church’s dark secrets. This novel full of sin runs the gamut of human emotions: joy, of meeting the beautiful actress; love, with the wrong man; fear, of being caught; worry, that the priest will be laicized; jealousy, between the pilot and the priest; greed, of which they accused her; frustration, of their lawyers; embarrassment, of the bishop; shame, of the victim; sin, they were all full of it; remorse, nobody had any of it!

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EASY SAY English-Spanish Flashcard Booklets

Easy Say flashcardsUltra compact booklet, English-Spanish words for the smart traveler. Designed to fit in the shirt pocket of a pilot’s uniform, contains enough Spanish to get you by for a two-week vacation with emergency phrases. Fits snugly in a pocket or purse. 5 x 3 1/2 size cards.

$20 includes local shipping and handling. Personal checks accepted. Allow 10 days for delivery. Order two for a discount: 2 booklets for $15.00.

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