Desert Tale

Number 1, Volume 6

Jane Fonda, a/k/a “Hanoi Jane.”

Does Jane Fonda, a/k/a “Hanoi Jane,” really think that a woman aged 80 would look as good as she does without cosmetic surgery? And why her silence on the subject when she was extremely outspoken concerting with the enemy during the Vietnam War? Reticence has never been part of her character.

Fonda will not be remembered fondly. Her legacy will always be that as a traitor to the honor of the pilots at the “Hanoi Hilton,” who suffered greatly when she posed for the Viet Cong on an anti-aircraft gun. “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” Julius Caesar, Shakespeare.   

As the wife of a US Air Force pilot who served his country fighting communism in Viet Nam, I feel her passport should have been confiscated, and she should have remained in North Vietnam with her hypocrisy instead of returning to the USA to make millions in the film industry.

It was a terrible war, as are all wars, but to kick a man when he is down is despicable behavior, and she should not be rewarded with our attention or consideration.  Boycott her films.      

Alinka Zyrmont