Desert Tale

Number 2, Volume 1

Google Notice

Dear Readers,

I am embroiled in a battle with Google for copyright violations of my books, in addition, they have used my photograph to promote their "Domain Tools/Ads" to boost their credibility and ensnare new clients. They have also lifted, without my knowledge or permission, over 15 of my photographs/images from my website despite the clear tone of its warning about copyright violations. I have NEVER endorsed Google, because I simply do not like their arrogant way of doing business.

Basically, Google has put me out of business by digitizing my books and placing every single page of every one of my books for readers to read for free, on GoogleBooks. No author works for free! We put countless hours of hard work at the computer into our efforts to create a book, not to mention the cost to produce such a work with design art for the cover, photography costs for the back cover, thousands of dollars in advertising and promotion; and of course the emotional effort of giving birth to a work of art. This effort to entertain the public comes at a great cost, but most importantly, we write because we love our work. My readers will notice that I did not write a book this year. Why would I want to have someone steal my work, especially in this economy when I have bills to pay?

I would love to hear from other writers who are in this same predicament because I have a good lawyer waiting to assist us in enforcing the United States copyright laws, and to inform Google that it has overstepped its authority in this regard. Its arrogance never ceases to amaze me. If you want something, you must pay for it. You don't steal it!

This notice will serve to inform everyone of my disassociation with Google. If you see my name attached to any of their products, please contact me through my website on my Contact page.

Alinka Zyrmont