Desert Tale

Number 4, Volume 6

Predators and Leeches of Society

My, is owned by a leech named Jeffrey Tinsley, who wants money to correct erroneous information he posts about people on his website, and that is tantamount to blackmail.
The Oxford Dictionary states that a leech is: “a person who extorts profit from or sponges on others.”

Mr. Tinsley has posted erroneous information about me hiding behind the defense that he collects it from “public records.”  He takes sadistic delight in slanting the records to make you think that I have a criminal record.  The truth is, I don’t even have a traffic ticket.

The “Warning – lawsuits,” he posts is slanted to induce the public into thinking that I have been sued.
Quite the opposite. I did, in fact, file a lawsuit against a company which sold flea spray for dogs which killed my beloved poodle. I won the settlement and got them to remove the poisonous product from the store shelves. I hope I saved some dogs’ lives, as these greedy companies only care about profit and not about the dogs’ health.  Being a dog lover, I contribute to the Humane Society.  Hurt a dog, and you will have me to hound you!

Another lawsuit I filed was against the Catholic Church for sexual abuse by a priest.  Being a Catholic I hoped to eradicate the bad apples in the Church as I was embarrassed by the hypocritical behavior of some priests.  I was the first woman in the State of Florida to do so to encourage other women to not suffer in silence but to come forward to force the Church to punish the errant priests.  I won my lawsuit and wrote the book:  Forbidden Passion.

I also filed a lawsuit against the State of Arizona for libel and won!  Writers do not like their reputation tarnished by anyone.

My husband and I filed a lawsuit against the IRS for denying a perfectly legitimate tax shelter.  I was not instructed in law school about tax law, and had no idea what I was doing in federal court, but it was my sheer determination that they were not going to win by intimidation that I persevered for 32 years.  I am happy to say that we won a very large settlement.

When someone attacks me, or my family, or a helpless dog, my Scottish blood starts boiling.  My most logical way of fighting back is through the court system.

My lawyer, as I don’t always file in pro per, has put the parasite Jeffrey Tinsley on legal notice.  His cruel modus operandi of attempting to damage people’s reputation online with his website has already been challenged in court.

Not all public records are accurate, as sadly, clerks these days cannot spell foreign names, and people don’t have the time or money to correct erroneous information.  I once owned my neighbor’s house because someone could not type a legal description accurately.

Why Mr. Tinsley feels the need to report to the world that I am Christian, I have no idea as to the degree of his depravity.  Or is it his way of informing the liberals in the entertainment business not to do business with me because I am conservative? Am I not allowed to change religions?        

Should anything happen to me because he is placing my home address on the internet it will be grounds for a multi-million dollar lawsuit, and hopefully put the leech out of business.  He will be very sorry as I have a good track record of winning lawsuits.

So do not believe everything that you read on the internet which is causing people a lot of harm, and I support Mrs. Trump’s efforts to eradicate cyberbullying, which is nothing more than what Mr. Tinsley is doing by posting incorrect information to the detriment of others on his website.

Yes, predators and leeches are a part of this society, and we must fight back.  Only the shallow know themselves, and Mr. Tinsley is an opportunistic predator.  He thinks that by posting my age he will force me to pay him to delete certain things, but I am proud to say that I don’t look it, thanks to my plastic surgeon. I don’t act it, thanks to my joie de vivre and good genes.  My mom lived to be 95, so Mr. Tinsley, you have attacked a powerful adversary for the next 20 years.

See you in court!
Alinka Zyrmont