Desert Tale

Number 5, Volume 4

Dancing On Rainbows — Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds and Alinka in Las Vegas

Now the colorful Hollywood star, Debbie Reynolds, is twinkling in the sky along with her talented but tormented daughter, Carrie Fisher, entertaining in the firmament. Debbie was my idol. She sang and danced her way in to all our hearts with her ingénue personality and radiant smile that lit up a room.

When I was a kid growing up in Buenos Aires, I spent many a rainy afternoon lost in the magic of an MGM fantasy like Singing in the Rain. I marveled at the yellow telephones, green geometric wallpaper, the lagoon swimming pools, satin gowns and pink poodles, jumping off the silver screen and into my adolescent imagination. Hollywood was a marvelous world where dreams came true. Or, so I thought!

If Debbie could land Frank Sinatra in The Tender Trap, then maybe I too could fall in love with the leading man. I copied her dancing steps and singing, and one day also sang Tammy on stage. But where Debbie endured in Hollywood, I ended up in Hollywood, Florida!

I continued to follow her lengthy career and admired her charity work with The Thalians, which she vigorously supported helping the mentally challenged for fifty years, as she was a very kind and caring person who loved her daughter Carrie, and tried to help her through her drug addiction.

Debbie’s fans were loyal to her through the sixty years of her career, and sympathized with her when her husband, Eddie Fisher, left her with two small children to run off with femme fatale Elizabeth Taylor. But such heartache is the price movie stars pay for fame and fortune. They may have millions in their bank accounts but tend to be poor in the happiness department. Because if the fantasy world of Hollywood requires a happy ending in the movies, it cannot guarantee happy endings in the lives of the stars.

I feel a star has dimmed as Debbie died of a broken heart passing away just one day after her beloved daughter Carrie. My thoughts and prayers are with her son Todd who has the sad duty of having to bury both his sister and mother during Christmas time. Debbie left behind a beautiful granddaughter, Billie Lourd, also an actress, and many wonderful movies and memories to entertain the fans who adored her. She will be truly missed as a great talent and lovely human being.
May they both rest in peace amongst the millions of stars in the heavens dancing on rainbows illuminating our paths.

Alinka Zyrmont