The Author’s Guild announced, that: “Representatives introduced to Congress a bill that would establish a small copyright claims tribunal in the U.S. Copyright Office. If the bill is passed, individual creators and other small copyright owners will have the ability to enforce their rights without hiring a lawyer or travelling to federal court.”

Please write to your congressman and ask them to support this bill.


I have withdrawn all my books: Forbidden Passion, Husband Hunting, Murder by Roses, Coming and Going, Moonlight Melody and Poetic Petals, from Amazon and Kindle e-books due to Amazon’s copyright infringement of same. They are putting money from the sale of these books into their own pocket and basically stealing from me. I could be rich too if I didn’t pay my bills! I guess there is no such thing as honesty in the publishing industry.   

They have not sent me any royalties in years, and an author does not work for nothing! But they advertise that they are selling my books in India, UK, etc., however, since they do not have a valid license to do so my lawyer has put them on legal notice that they are in violation of my international copyrights. So if they don’t want to pay me a few paltry royalties they might have to end up paying me millions instead.

Therefore, I have removed all the above books from the international market. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THOSE BOOKS. I would rather burn them than to continue permitting the vermin pirates making money off my hard work. If you are interested in purchasing any of these books, kindly do so through my legitimate website:  and my manager will mail you a copy. The money from the sales of these books goes into my business. The money from the sales of my books on Amazon goes into their pocket and they don’t pay me royalties.

This is tantamount to buying a house from a realtor but not paying her a commission. Nobody works for free!   

A Dutch science publishing company has just won a major copyright suit against pirate sites that have been offering free downloads. The federal court in New York awarded the company $15 million dollars in damages for copyright infringement.

These illicit websites have to be put out of business!  They are usually Russian servers using one internet address to another.  These vultures feed off the work of authors like me without regard to the hours, money, effort, and sacrifice we put into our writing careers.

I am upset about the flagrant infringement on my copyrights and I am putting Amazon on legal notice that I intend to recover damages to my business.  They cannot sell my books without my knowledge or permission or royalties in foreign countries; yet they lie to the public letting you think that I do business with Amazon, when I have never had a contract with them.
They obviously obtained copies of pirated cds of all the above-mentioned books. 

From PEN America: “The Hollywood Reporter - Despite an ongoing debate of whether secondary copyright infringement can constitute a crime, a recent court decision has just acknowledged that, yes, facilitating massive online piracy can rise to the level of criminal conduct.”

Alinka Zyrmont 


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