Real I. D. Compliant Licenses Required

By October 10, 2018, all domestic air travelers will be required by federal law to show Real I. D. compliant licenses, for domestic not just international air travel.  TSA will not permit domestic passengers flying from state to state through security without a federal passport or Global Entry card, or other federal identity card.

Driver’s licenses will no longer give you access through security. If your identity cannot be verified you will not be permitted through security.

Florida, Texas, Arizona, Utah, etc., have already implemented this program passed by congress, but 26 other states have until October 10, 2018 to comply.  California and New York have not done so yet.

Every air traveler will need a Real I. D. compliant license.  Homeland Security and TSA are presently cooperating on this new program.

A Rose By Any Other Name would be:  SELECTED

Utah, the Beehive State, was buzzing in preparation of the Sundance Film Festival. Governor Gary Herbert prides himself with the sound fiscal policies and business-friendly culture focused on an elevated lifestyle, which attracts new enterprises such as the store right next to the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, selling upscale products such as face creams from: SELECTED.

Michael Marchevski, enthusiastically demonstrated the benefits of the WRINKLE ERASER SYRINGE, full of powerful ingredients that immediately reduced the look of deep lines and wrinkles under and around my eyes.  The rich combination of rose stem cells, resveratrol and collagen strengthened and toned my skin leaving it looking refreshed and more youthful-looking.

Since roses are my favorite flower, it gave me a sense of renewal.  This product is also good for men.

Misha then recommended the CEYLON RICE MOISTURIZER, containing unique properties of bioactive Ceylon rice plant stem cells to support the skin’s cellular turnover.  The concentrated formulation of Ceylon rice plant stem cells, fruit oils, and leaf extracts penetrates deep into the skin locking in moisture.  The unique blend treats visible signs of aging, firms and tones the skin, ideal for all skin types.

Their DEEP MOISTURE NIGHT CREAM, uses the soothing properties of organic, cold pressed avocado oil to treat and nourish the skin overnight.  Avocado oil penetrates deep into the skin’s cells better than any other oil.  Combined with bioactive fruit oils and leaf extracts this unique formulation penetrates deep into the skin to lock in moisture, soothe and restore the skin as you sleep.  The concentrated amounts of vitamin E, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties support the skin’s cellular turnover while helping it stay soft, hydrated and elastic. This highly moisturizing blend delays the appearance of wrinkles and combats visible signs of aging.

I also bought the SALT SCRUB, which is paraben free, and the HERBAL BODY CREAM, containing chamomile, green tea, pure Greek olive oil and Shea butter.

Misha patiently explained to me how to use all these wonderful creams, which my skin drinks up voraciously after a day of skiing in the wind. And living in the Arizona desert, I slather myself daily with these natural products to keep my skin moisturized.

If you are visiting Park City, or are participating in the Sundance Film Festival, please stop by his store adjacent to the Egyptian Theatre and ask him for samples of the HERBAL HAND CREAM, made with Greek Olive Oil and Lemon Extract, and I am sure he will give you with a few packets, and at the same time give you a demonstration of his fantastic WRINKLE ERASER SYRINGE, with rose stem cells.

He also has a salon in Carmel, if you are touring California.  


SELECTED ELEVATION, SWISS APPLE C BOOSTER SERUM, comes in a lovely purple container, but better yet are the ingredients of the Swiss Apple stem cell compound infused with Vitamin C which delivers firming and lifting effects to the skin.  The moisturizing properties soften skin, enhance skin tone and texture, and protect from free radicals. 

After cleansing, apply a dime-sized amount to the face, neck and chest area. Finally, a product on the market that will improve the coloration of a woman’s décolleté, which tends to get a lot of sun. And the nice thing about these serums is that they are made in the USA from SELECTED COSMETICS.COM.

The packaging is also very attractive which makes for lovely gifts for Valentine’s Day.


The U.S. Supreme Court in Carpenter v. U.S., about digital privacy considers whether private citizens have an expectation of privacy in cell-phone location data. Previously, the courts have held that information about phone call records, GPS signals, and bank account information which is voluntarily provided to third parties is not protected by the Fourth Amendment.

However, this Court could upend that precedent in Carpenter v. U.S., and protect stronger privacy safeguards.

The Author’s Guild announced, that: “Representatives introduced to Congress a bill that would establish a small copyright claims tribunal in the U.S. Copyright Office. If the bill is passed, individual creators and other small copyright owners will have the ability to enforce their rights without hiring a lawyer or travelling to federal court.”

Please write to your congressman and ask them to support this bill.

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