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Desert Tale - No. 11 - Vol. 3

The Cancer of Islam

As I watched the horrific carnage in Paris, I was revulsed as was every sane American, and depressed as Isis threatened that we are next. We are blessed that we have some protection from two oceans, but President Obama is accommodating thousands of Syrian refugees, whom we know will have false passports and murderous intentions. Who is going to pay for their sustenance? Charity begins at home and we have American vets and indigent people who need help. How can we have confidence and feel safe at a concert, an outdoor café, a football stadium or running a race, with a leader (?) who tells us that the Paris murders were just a contretemp? A mishap, something already "contained." We are tired of his talking down to us as if we didn't have a brain in our head. Those of us who have heads would like to keep them.

This shame is solely placed on Islam, and it is up to the Muslims to fight for what is right. I don't believe that young American men should shed blood while young Syrians are expecting the comforts of the West with our taxes. Let them fight for their own country. Muslims do not share our core values; they have an abhorrance for: democracy, freedom of speech, equality of the sexes, public justice, freedom to change or reject religions, toleration of homosexuals, freedom to dress the way we choose, and yes freedom for all! They will not assimilate into Americanism, and this will cause further problems.

There is nothing to discuss here. We are faced with a death cult bent on inflicting terror upon civilized people, and in love with suicide. President Hollande declared France was at war with these lunatics of militant Islam. Europe has 45 million Muslims, and has become weak by opening its borders indiscriminately. Now trying to deal with their problems is like trying to put the cork back into a champagne bottle. Our leaders must suppress and totally eliminate these cowards and misguided terrorists who call us "infidels," and who are determined to change our way of life.

It is very simple. I have this desire to survive, to enjoy life, and if they want their archaic religion, let them keep it, but over there, not over here. Put the refugees in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern countries, send them some more dollars, as we always do at taxpayers' expense, and keep America as we love it, albeit with social problems which we always manage to work out by switching from elephants to donkeys and vice-versa, but nevertheless, the land of the brave and the free, because I would rather die than succumb to Sharia Law!

We are winning our war against cancer, now let's also declare war on Islamic depravity.

Alinka Zyrmont


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