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Desert Tale - No. 6 - Vol. 1

Cafeteria-Style Constitution?

I asked my husband, a commercial pilot for over 30 years, what he would do if some stranger, a TSA employee, groped his private parts at the airport. He replied, “I’d probably deck him!”

What a fantastic bit of marketing the Chertoff Group, a security consulting firm, came up with. Knowing that most passengers would refuse to use their body scanners, they designed a method of forcing passengers to choose between two evils. How better to condition the American mind to use these invasive machines. Fear is a powerful tool.

We cannot permit the government too much control over our lives, because this is an example of exactly what happens when they go too far. May I remind Transportation Safety Administration Chief John Pistole, of the wording of: ARTICLE IV, of the US CONSTITUTION:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath of affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” 

 I don’t know about you, but I don’t accept a cafeteria-style Constitution of pick and choose , because if we don’t stop them now, what is next? Since the al-Qaida operative inserted a bomb in his rectum in an attempt to kill a Saudi prince, does this mean that Ms. Napolitano will authorize colonoscopies? Is this the way she resolves the problem by denying us our civil rights? And how much money is Michael Chertoff making from the sale of these body scanners? Why were there no congressional hearings about this matter? Why the subversive secrecy and surprise? Who is gaining from this disaster? Did they really think, that Americans would go to the slaughter like a bunch of sheep? Or, did they forget that the Tea Party sprung up like wild mushrooms in the grass out of government dissatisfaction? They really did underestimate the American spirit.

There are other ways of protecting the public’s safety. They could have two lines at security check point: one line for passengers with American passports, whom the government knows are not terrorists, and a second line for people with foreign passports. This would make the first line go faster, and the second line could move at a slower pace. People who meet the profile, and yes the Muslim jihadists would be stopped at this point and pulled out of line, and made to go through the body scanner, pat-downs, interrogations, and whatever else the security personnel are trained to do, including arrests.

Because TSA has a bad reputation of being rude and inept, eliminate this government position, and permit the individual airlines to hire their own security personnel. They could issue ID cards to VIPS, and frequent fliers whom they know are not terrorists. After all, they have a passenger list; they know their customers.

Another way of putting an end to this calamity, is to prevent Arabs from entering our shores. Queen Isabella of Spain, promptly resolved this problem. Living in Arizona, I know the Obama administration would be vehemently against this type of racial profiling, but if we force them to control and chastise their own, it would become their problem and not ours. Let’s punish their travelers, but not our children, grandmothers, pilots, and innocent Americans. After all, charity begins at home. Give the Americans a break and put the burden on the trouble makers.   

Americans gave birth to this great nation by spilling their blood; let the Muslims do their share of solving the problem. They are the ones with their antiquated customs of stoning women and body mutilations, bringing hatred to us with their culture. When we lived in Texas, we had a group of Muslims living in the apartment above us. I politely knocked on their door and asked them to please control their child who threw temper tantrums by yelling and banging on the floor, disturbing us. The father replied, “We don’t tell male children what they can’t do. They have unlimited rights. And we don’t take orders from women.” My reply was, “your rights end where mine begin. This is Texas, not Saudi Arabia.” 

The constitution is here to protect our rights, and those who don’t wish to agree, are free to leave, but not free to change our way of life. Thankfully Ron Paul, has introduced legislation to attempt to put a semblance of order into this airport chaos. Write to your congressman and ask him to support Senator Paul’s Bill. It is a start in the right direction, as we cannot let this travesty continue.

Alinka Zyrmont


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