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Dundee-born author

The Lindsays of Balcarres, A Century of an Ancient Scottish Family in Photographs by Ludovic Lindsay, is a fabulous book with great photos about this enigmatic family I descend from.

Dundee-born romance author Alinka Zyrmont laughs that there’s a simple reason why she became a writer – because she’s terrible at maths! As a pupil at Dundee’s Blackness School in the 1940s/50s where her mum was a teacher, she used to daydream a lot…
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The Andean Fourth: A Lucine Muir Mystery

The Andean Fourth: Lucine Muir Mystery (Alinka Zyrmont)

Did Adolf Hitler stage his own death, as the Soviets were encircling Berlin in 1945, and escape to Argentina under the protection of President Juan Peron? Lucy Muir, a flight attendant nicknamed the Flying Sleuth, with a penchant for solving mysteries flies down to the Southern Hemisphere to find out, and becomes embroiled with an Olympic Norwegian skier, in a neo-Nazi's lair.

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Alinka & Zuzi

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Identity Intrigue
(Book 2 in the Flying Sleuth Series)

Identity Intrigue (Book 2 in the Flying Sleuth Series)

Trade Paperback (Amazon)
Also available in e-book

Flight attendant, Lucine Muir, is enjoying her job and condo on the beach in Florida, when she breaks her leg, and a man is murdered in Coconut Grove. Unexpected romance comes calling when an orthopedist loses his identity. She helps resolve the mystery with her sleuthing skills, and sails through stormy waters with her typical panache.


Killer Petals

New Release

Killer Petals

Trade Paperback (Amazon)
Also available in e-book

A Miss Florida is shot in Palm Beach when she opens her door to receive a bouquet of roses for her birthday.  The police suspect her billionaire husband, but when his yacht is found abandoned in a hurricane they presume he drowned and close their file considering it a murder-suicide.  But was it? 

Steaming Odyssey
(Book 3 in The Flying Sleuth Series)

From the glamour of Houston, to the steamy tropical jungles of Central America, it will take all of Lucine Muir's courage to stay alive while deceived by a covert operator masterminding American political affairs in El Salvador. Lucine thought she was only working as a Spanish translator for a coffee export business while she had a few days off as a flight attendant, never imagining she was immersed in the scandalous Iran Contra Affair. A Flying Sleuth Thriller

Read about the genesis of the novel Steaming Odyssey...

Paperback Cover

Steaming Odyssey (Book 3 in The Flying Sleuth Series)

Trade Paperback


eBook Cover

Steaming Odyssey (Book 3 in The Flying Sleuth Series)

Kindle eBook (Amazon)


As Long As We Still Live

As Long As We Still Live
by Alicja Maria Zyrmont

I am ecstatic to inform my readers that after five long years of writing this book, it is finally available on Amazon.com for purchase in paperback and e-books. I tried to keep the price as low as I could so that history students could afford it.

When I found a bag full of old photographs that my mother had kept for years as her own secret, I displayed them on a table, and on the backs they had dates, places and names, and like a jigsaw puzzle a picture emerged, but there were many missing pieces of a story that was emerging about WW2...

4 star review
“Easily read and a good reference book.  A very useful reference book.”
Millar, U.K.



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