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I spent the 50th Anniversary of D-Day on the beaches in Normandy, France, with my mother hoping to find my father's grave.  We found it in the peaceful countryside 17 Km south of Caen where his tank was set aflame by a Panzer in a bloody conflict.

He lies in eternal slumber in the Polish Military Cemetery at Grainville - Langannerie where over 600 valiant soldiers are buried under grey granite crosses and miniature red roses, and adjacent to several Stars of David.

When I look at the photos my memories jump out at me to the day we also visited the American Cemetery with thousands of white crosses facing the sea.  The beaches where these brave souls met their untimely death.  Some of the men were later returned to their families in the States.

There is also a German Cemetery nearby which is not as well kept with weeds springing up amongst the overgrown grass.  150,000 men on both sides were killed on D-Day.  But on the 6th of June 1944, a miracle happened when these brave Americans ran on the sand of the beaches and scaled the cliffs of Omaha to liberate Europe from a madman.

My father fought with the 1st Polish Armoured Division, under the British command but they landed further up north at Sword Beach, fighting village to village against the heavily enforced Germans.  They were ordered to hold a hill preventing the retreating Nazis escaping back to Germany but suffered friendly fire from American bombers unable to see clearly through the fog.  Confusion, fog, noise, fire, bombings, blood everywhere!  War is hell! But the Poles held the hill.  And when they heard the squaling noise of the bagpipes from the Canadians arriving through the chaos to rescue them, having lost 350 men they yelled in Polish delight, with the Canadians speaking in English while neither side understood one word of what the other comrade was saying. 

What a logistic nightmare for the Supreme Commander General Dwight Eisenhower.  What carnage of human life!

My Darling Husband, Capt John J Sullivan US Air Force - Vietnam 2 Air Medals
My darling husband, Capt. John J. Sullivan, US Air Force, Vietnam, 2 Air Medals


Alinka at British Tank Mmemoria l- Normandy
Alinka at British tank memorial, Normandy


American Cemetery, Normandy
American Cemetery, Normandy


Polish Cemetery, Grainville Langannerie, France
Polish Cemetery, Grainville Langannerie, France


Wishing you a safe Memorial Day.

Those of us who lost dear family members in WWII, will never forget, as we bow our heads in silent prayer in homage to their heroic sacrifice.


Photos: Alinka Zyrmont



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As a Scottish writer outraged by the new Hate Crime and Public Order Act of Scotland, I hope it is repealed.  Presently living in the USA, I am afforded the protection of the First Amendment guaranteeing me freedom of speech.  But when I visit my native country, I have to change mental gears from freedom to intimidation.

In defense of J.K.Rowlings, a very talented and successful woman, I feel jealousy might be the underlying cause of her vilification.  When Siobhan Brown, Minister of Victims and Community Safety, said: "the new law would help build safer communities that live free from hatred and prejudice," she was out of touch with reality.  You cannot legislate how people think. Since when does the state determine what constitutes acceptable speech in the privacy of a Scottish home? "A person threatened against his will, is of the same opinion still."  Samuel Butler, 1612 - 1680. "The behaviour has to be threatening or abusive and intends to stir up hatred," is their defense to quell the international outcry against this Orwellian mandate.

How can Police Scotland determine who to arrest when people get into arguments about religion, transgenders, politics, etc., when they are not judge and jury?  What evidence will hold up in court for a seven year criminal sentence to be imposed? Threatening citizens with up to seven years in jail is merely a clandestine way of preventing Scots from making derogatory comments against Muslims, and into silent obedience by the neo-Stalanists.

Humza Yousaf, the leftist prime minister of Scotland whose parents were Pakistani immigrants and Muslims, recently exposed his hypocrisy when he publicly stated that there were "too many white men in prominent positions."  Is he not aware that Scotland has been a Christian country with white men ruling it for centuries?  Now he also wants to inculcate guilt as well as fear into the minds of citizens.  Is that not declaring hate for a certain group?  He is declaring publicly that all white men are bad because they obtained an education and want to govern their own country.  I can imagine the hornets' nest of defamatory lawsuits filed against Police Scotland for misinterpreting what someone said in the sanctity of their own home, especially after a couple of glasses of Scotch!

What is the true definition of hate speech?  I HATE spinach.  Therefore, I am not going to eat it.  Therefore, I am putting spinach growers out of business.  Therefore, I am a bad person, and Police Scotland can arrest me for inciting hatred of protected vegetables.  Maybe mangoes are also protected because according to Ms. Brown, we should live free from prejudice. And the police will have to make a hasty guess as to which fruits are protected.

The problem here is not the exact definition of a "hate" crime, but the overreaching law chipping away at Scottish democracy.  Give the politicians an inch and they will take a yard of your kilt!
This is nothing more than a clandestine effort to silence opposition by the Islamics in a Christian country.  However, Mr. Yousaf, is free to return to Pakistan and muzzle his own kind.

He should be removed in his nappy stage before he thinks you are asleep and eliminates more of your civil rights.  Tell him to go grow thistles and leave the Scots to enjoy the sweet smell of heather. Lord Bracadale obviously had nothing better to do with his time than to spend hours discussing semantics on this 77-page bill.

TOURISTS BEWARE!  Do not travel to Scotland until this repressive law is repealed, or you could face up to seven years in jail for saying the wrong thing.  


Humza Yousaf, the First Minister of Scotland, has resigned, and is being replaced by John Swinney, from the SNP.  He is white, Christian, a seasoned politician who  embraces Scottish values.  

—Alinka Lindsay Zyrmont

 Endure With Stregnth (Lindsay Motto)


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As Long As We Still Live
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