About Alinka

Alinka Bio Banner (Author Photo Credit: Bill Keefrey Photography)

Alinka Zyrmont was born in Dundee, Scotland, into a large Lindsay family, and educated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She arrived in her late teens to the United States where she attended Barry University and studied creative writing with Mrs. Vivian L. Rader, Florida’s Poet Laureate. Later, she enrolled at California College of Law.

Deciding to pursue an artistic career instead, she gained her writing experience ghost-writing Anthony Quinn’s autobiography. Now involved in an artistic world, she kept busy modeling, and had walk-on parts in movies such as The Birdcage, filmed in Florida, and Valley of the Sun and Sunset Daze, filmed in Arizona. While studying music, she also worked at West Film in Rome, Italy, preparing contracts in Italian for all the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns.

She later worked in Germany as a weather announcer on TV with MAC, and the United States Armed Forces network. With a stint in El Salvador, she worked as a Spanish translator and freelance journalist covering the war where she met Ollie North.

Alinka also sang in productions of The Music Man, Evita, Man of La Mancha, My Fair Lady, and in the chorus of The Miami Opera Guild in performances of La Traviata, Le Nozze di Figaro and Aida. Her most memorable one was with Luciano Pavarotti and Dame Joan Sutherland in Lucia di Lamermoor.

Having studied, worked and vacationed in many different countries, she speaks fluent Spanish, Italian, and broken Polish and French.

Alinka says she owes an enormous debt of gratitude to her father, Edward Zyrmont, whose valiant fighting, bravery and sacrifice in World War II, enabled her the ability to be a “free spirit.” She has written a military biography about WW2, As Long As We Still Live; and the Flying Sleuth Mystery Series.

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