As Long As We Still Live
by Alicja Maria Zyrmont

As Long As We Still Live

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War Veteran Letter, Page 1
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I am ecstatic to inform my readers that after five long years of writing this book, it is finally available on for purchase in paperback and e-books. I tried to keep the price as low as I could so that history students could afford it.

When I found a bag full of old photographs that my mother had kept for years as her own secret, I displayed them on a table, and on the backs they had dates, places and names, and like a jigsaw puzzle a picture emerged, but there were many missing pieces of a story that was emerging about WW2.

With these scattered chronology of events, and with great difficulty, I wrote this book. I had absolutely no authority as a writer of romance novels over this historical subject. My historical research took me to London to build a portrayal of my father whom I never knew. I depended solely on his work as a photographer documenting the daily events of WW2.

Edward Zyrmont, was a charming, romantic, sensitive, intelligent, driven, and fiercely patriotic Polish tank commander in the 1st Polish Armoured Division, under the command of General Maczek. 

I tried to offer a snapshot of his short life as he recorded it from 1939 to 1944 war years he fought honorably and bravely in Poland, France, training in Scotland, and later on D-Day.