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Alinka with Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds and Alinka in Las Vegas



Fountain Hills Times Newspaper

Dundee Courier Newspaper, Dundee, Scotland

The Scottish Sun, newspaper, UK, by Gail Cameron

TV CH 2  PBS - Miami Book Fair International - Personal Web Page - Bob Gourley interview about internet dating.

Podcast Archive - Strategies for Living - Dr. David McMillan interview on the value of romance novels.

ZoomInfo Web - Lighthouse Point Magazine interview by Jon Frangipane about writing in Florida.

Road to Romance - interview about Alinka's latest novel.

Affaire de Coeur Magazine - interview on pitching a story in Hollywood.

Liana Metal - interview on writing. - The Write Stuff - Writing Groups Provide Support to South Florida Writers


Alinka with Andre Rui
Andre Rieu and Alinka at Nokia Theatre in Dallas, Texas

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  • WMPL - Morning Show with Mary Ann Schulze


Alinka with Phil McCombs, Washington Post
Phil McCombs from the Washington Post,
at Alinka's autograph session of FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Scottsdale, AZ



The Courier Co UK
Affaire de Coeur Magazine, California
Desert Foothills Newspaper, Carefree, Az.
Dundee Courier, Dundee, Scotland
Scottish Sun newspaper
Lighthouse Point Magazine, Florida
The Miami Herald, Florida
Sun-Sentinel Newspaper, Florida
The Observer, Florida
The Woodlands Newspaper, Houston, Tx.

Internet - Alinka's Amazon Author Page
The Road To Romance
Romance Designs
Liana Metal
Edward Motketsan
Primezone Media Network


Ch 2 - WPBT


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