Tattle Tales

Volume 1, Number 3

Dear Readers...


Zuzi on blanket

Dear Readers,

Thank you for buying my books.

It has been quite a challenge to write now that I am a "dog Mom."  Zuzi thinks I was put on this earth just to be her playmate, and gets jealous if I spend too much time at my computer.  But when she puts her little paws up on my legs, and scratches them with her needle sharp claws, all work stops.

I pick her up and put her on my lap to continue the sentence I was writing, but then she decides to type, so I have to hit the delete key.

This puppy behavior, not to mention rising at 4:30 now, playtime for her, zombie time for me, of interrupting my trend of thought — such a good idea just escaped my foggy brain — and trying to decipher how Lucine Muir escapes her captors in The Andean Fourth, (soon to be released) is frustrating.

To further erase my concentration, she brings me her little pink ball, in her toothless mouth,  she just lost her bottom teeth with the tug-o-war game with my pajama sleeve, and I throw it as far as I can so when she chases after it that gives me exactly ten seconds to finish the chapter.  That idea came from Zuzi, so I wrote it in a scene in Uncover the Moon.  You might say, she is my co-author.  I believe in giving credit where credit is barked.

She was in my first book:  Mystery Beckons Her, with her own name  Zuzi.

Just like in The Thin Man, Asta, is more popular than the detective. These dogs know how to steal a scene!

So for all you dog lovers out there, thank you for loving this little holy terror, as much as I do, and she will be entertaining you from now on.

Sorry, cats are not invited.


Barkingly yours, er - sincerely,
Alinka — I'm getting mixed up, who is training whom?