Tattle Tales

Volume 2, Number 2

Before a Crisis


In these uncertain times, it is best to be prepared for any crisis whether Covid, hurricanes or war. I have put together a list of supplies you should have in the house before the shops are empty. If they cripple the grid we can face a blackout.



Water (about one gallon a day per person)  Also, install a  container to collect rain water which can be used for washing.

Medicine, get a three-month supply. First Aid Kit, plenty of Band-Aids, bandages, aspirin, vitamins, reading glasses, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.

Baby food, powdered milk and condensed milk.

Chocolate and comfort foods

Dried fruits such as cranberries




Canned fish, tuna, salmon, sardines, oysters, clams, etc.

Frozen foods are not such a good idea when the refrigerator is off.

Buy dried foods instead, by boiling water on your camp stove you can make coffee, boil an egg, heat soup, and make a stew from your dry food.

Pet food. Pet medications 3 months supply, and treats.

Manual can opener, if the electricity is shut off nothing works, not even the ATM machines, so get cash.

Flashlights and batteries, especially AA, they usually sell out.

Candles and matches.

Swiss knife.

Camping stove that burns charcoal or wood. Gas sells out fast.

Garbage bags

Insect repellent and rodent poison (when the garbage trucks stop?) Radio - short- wave (you will have no TV but need communication) Make copies of your legal documents now, insurance papers, passport, driver's licenses, prescriptions, etc.,and store in a tin can.  The internet will not work. Clorox, several bottles. Paper plates, with no water you can't wash String and wire.

Tools: shovel, hammer, axe, rope

Books (you can read in the sunlight)

Cards and games

Guns and extra ammunition


Set up a communication system with family and friends.  One person informs the nearest friend. That person is charged with informing the next person, and so on, to make a circle, because cars are not operable when the gas stations are closed. Car pooling is useful when one person can go to the store to pick up supplies for 10 others.



Plan for a crisis.

Stay in your house and make plans for your pets.  Pets can sense danger and get traumatized when you are nervous. Prepare in advance their own bag with their favorite toy and food, so if you have to rush off, you can find their leash fast.

Make a list of pet friendly hotels ahead of time because Google will be dead.  Also make sure their shots are up to date now, and keep their original vaccinations certificates in their carry case.  If your dog is not microchiped put your phone number on its collar.

Keep a list of hotels and their phone numbers in a booklet, cell phones will not work.

Have a backup system with your kids.  Everyone should know what is expected of him/her in an emergency so there is no panic.

Nothing is worse than going through a crisis and feeling helpless, paramedics, police, and first responders will not always be available to help you.  You will have to depend upon your own resourcefulness.

I know what I am talking about.  I have been miserable in several Florida hurricanes. If you can hunker down until the crisis passes, you will avoid unnecessary accidents and discomfort.


Good luck, and let's hope for the best.