Tattle Tales

Volume 2, Number 3

Donate to Ukranian Relief / Humane Society International


Donate to Ukranian Relief

Please donate to Ukranian relief at redcross.org


Humane Society International


Zuzi is heartbroken knowing of the suffering of dogs and cats in Ukraine.

Please donate to Humane Society International, who are rescuing pets in need of urgent care caught up in this horrific conflict.

If you can't help, then please spread the word.  This organization is in need of veterinary supplies and food.



Ukraine flag

Ukraine has a right to its own sovereignty.
You are a bully despised by the rest of the world, killing innocents for your own megalomania, with delusions of grandeur and narcissistic personality disorder causing death and destruction to a country that did nothing to deserve your hatred.
I support the people of Ukraine, and wish them every success in ridding this invasion from their country.

God Bless Ukraine!

Alinka Zyrmont