Tattle Tales

Volume 2, Number 6

A Day In the Life of a Writer
(Excerpts from an article which appeared in Lighthouse Point Magazine)

Alinka at signing table

Where did your life begin?

I was born in Scotland, but grew up in Buenos Aires, and educated in primary Catholic schools, and a private British High School.  We would have classes in Spanish in the morning, switch to classes in English in the afternoon, French was my elective and we spoke Polish at home.  So by the time I came to the USA, I spoke several languages fluently.  And because my mother was an English ESL teacher, bad grammar was an anathema at home.

You lived in many lands, yet you ended up here.

My step-dad was an aeronautical engineer with Pan Am, but because he was transferred every three years, I was able to travel all over the world, and we always kept a house in Miami.

You must be terribly tired of traveling, yes?

No.  I still have the travel bug, and can’t settle down, even now.  I get bored easily.  I enjoy other cultures and other countries.  For a while, I even took a job as a flight attendant but that only last two years because I did not like the way people acted or dressed in public transportation.  Their manners seem to be left on the ground.

How does your husband, a pilot, feel about that?

I think he got traveling out of his system after five years in the Air Force and thirty years as a commercial pilot.  He had enough of living out of a suitcase, and also complained about passengers not respecting rules and regulations.  There is too much of a “me first” attitude.  Safety was his main concern and he flew by the book.
He wouldn’t tolerate passengers disrupting the flight attendants duties.  He would turn the plane around and offload the trouble makers.

What countries have you traveled to?

Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Poland, Norway, The Netherlands, Check Republic, Russia, Thailand, India, Kiribati, Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, El Salvador, Mexico, Brazil,  Japan, Argentina – let’s put it this way – it is easier to list the ones I haven’t been in.  I have no desire to go to Korea or China.

Were you always a writer?

No.  I attended California College of Law for two years, but did poorly in legal writing.  My professor said I wasn’t sticking to the facts of the case.  He saw things in black and white and I saw them in grey.  When I realized my brain pulled to the creative side, I got my paralegal certification, dropped out and wrote my first novel.

What or who influenced you to write romantic novels?

Basically, I’m a very romantic person.  I love perfume, flowers, butterflies, Chopin, and poetry.  I wrote an anthology of poetry with over 100 poems In English and Spanish, called Poetic Petals.  There is so much trouble in the world that it is up to us artists to bring back the beauty in life.

Where can a reader buy your books?

I have boxes of them in my garage.  You can see them on my website:  www.alinkazyrmont.com  under Books, and they can be ordered there.

Thank you for taking the time for this interview.

My pleasure, Jack.  I appreciate the publicity.  Happy reading.  Bye.