Travel Tales

Ready to Travel Again?

Departing Plane

While the world awakens from the shock of the pandemic and some countries are finally starting to encourage tourism, I am anxious to travel again since I am fully vaccinated. I usually keep my vaccinations up to date such as the flu shot and even tetanus, and when visiting tropical climates I cover myself with Deet, and do not wear perfume as it attracts the bees and insects. After getting Dengue Fever in Puerto Rico, I wear long pants and blouses with long sleeves and hats and spray myself with insect repellent.

As someone who spent the pandemic quarantined I took advantage of my solitude to write two books, but now I am eager to pack my bags and go! Airlines and cruise ships are bombarding me with promotions to Greece, Slovenia, Montenegro, Belize and Ecuador. I have been to Greece, Belize and Ecuador, so if you are interested in visiting those countries you will find the travelogues in my Travel Tales with photos.

I suggest you take advantage of the lull in travel if you are fully vaccinated as there are some terrific low prices for four star hotels out there. Masks are required for fully vaccinated passengers to protect those who are unvaccinated or immunocompromised, Ventilation on planes is actually very good with fifty percent of the air coming from outside. It is combined with recirculated air which goes through the HEPA filters that eliminates viruses so you can safely breathe the air from the air vent which you can adjust above you.

Even though I spent ten years living in Argentina, I am ready to visit Bariloche, the famous Andean ski resort, to do some research for a book I am presently writing. I was also planning on going to Israel for further research for this book, but that will have to wait until the present hostilities cease. This will delay the date of publication which I was hoping to have released before Christmas. Luckily, I usually work on two books at a time.

The one thing about travel to foreign countries is that timing is crucial. If for health or security reasons a trip has to be cancelled airlines and hotels now are offering free cancellations. This is not a bad time to resume your traveling.