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Timeshare Victims of the USVI

No roof

Tennis court

“On March 31, 1917, the US purchased three islands for 25 million dollars and the Virgin Islands became an unincorporated territory, previously the Dutch West Indies owned by Denmark. They became an economic and national security asset to secure American economic interests in the Caribbean. This attention began during the Civil War, but the US Senate refused in 1870 to approve the purchase. But during WW1, it seemed strategically important to control the main passage through the Caribbean to the Panama Canal, as well as routes along the eastern coasts of the American continent.

Denmark, at that time, was willing to sell to avoid the jeopardy of seizure by the Allies or conquest by Germany, which owned Hamburg-America Line, docks, steamers, etc.

The treaty of cession gave inhabitants US or Danish citizenship, but they kept the Danish legal code, the governor was appointed by the US president, and the Department of Interior had jurisdiction.

In 1970 the governor was elected by popular election. There has been little demand for autonomy by the populace for fear of disrupting the lucrative tourist industry, and of an increased tax burden.” Encyclopaedia Britannica

HOWEVER, statehood would control the present corruption. In 1995, a hurricane devasted the islands ruining their economy. United States TAXPAYERS gave millions of dollars to these islands, and this is the thanks we get as money bags: Abuse!

A group of us have therefore formed the Timeshare Victims of USVI, and are asking the attorney general and the governor for justice. The days of extorting money from timeshare victims is over!

I will update this warning in the near future when I have a response from their officials as to our requests.


Over 200 people timeshare victims of Tropic Leisure, owned by Michael and Mercedes Shelby, are victims of fraud.  Many lawsuits were filed against us by a man with a criminal record, a child abuser, whom the Shelbys hired as a collection agent.

As you can see by the photos, they want timeshare "owners" to stay at a building that was not only uninhabitable but dangerous.  They send out exorbitant "maintenance" bills, and when you refuse to pay for obvious reasons, they threaten to ruin your credit, or sue you in Small Claims Court, with the blessing of the governor, who is so greedy for tourist dollars that he will not enforce justice with an incompetent attorney general.

Those of us involved in the Timeshare Victims of the USVI, group are alerting the public of this scam, and advising not to travel to St.
Thomas.  Travel elsewhere.

We have also embarked upon a letter writing campaign to our congressman of various states informing them of the corruption involved and asking them to vote NO!  when it comes to sending US tax dollars to the US Virgin Islands due to the unfair, illegal and disrespectful treatment we are receiving.

—Alinka Zyrmont

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