Zuzi's Tail - No 1. - I Wish I Were a Puppy

Zuzi standing

I wish I had Zuzi's energy.  She is up at 4:30 A.M. every morning and bounces out of (my) bed, which means I have to also.
I wish I had her curiosity.  Every little thing is a marvel to her. Even the raindrops on the window pane which causes me to look at their different shapes more closely.
I wish I had her enthusiasm as she greets other dogs, children and people who are not dog lovers with equal passion.
I wish I had her wonderment when she looks askance at toys that squeak and wonders how they react to her tossing them in the air.
I wish I had her tolerance to look at someone and not be judgmental but to wag her tail in acceptance.
I wish I had her consistency to retrieve a ball each time I throw it and not get bored.
I wish I had her love, when she distributes kisses indiscriminately.
I wish I had her loyalty, with no greed, prejudice or animosity.
Oh how I wish I were a puppy instead of a jaded, cynical and judgmental human being.

Zuzi Praying