Zuzi's Tail - No 10 - Zuzi at the Beach

Zuzi at the Beach

I took Zuzi to Galveston Beach a few days ago, and she delighted in this new adventure smelling the sea.
It was funny to watch her walk on the sand as her little paws sank in a bit and she kept looking down.  Once we reached the ocean her nose was twitching back and forth as if to say, “ah, a new location.  How do I find my way home from here?”

When the waves accosted her, she was not sure whether to trust them, and would run away from them but would not venture into the water.  She enjoyed her long walk on the beach and I was amazed at her curiosity, she is not afraid of anything.  Perhaps I should have taught her fear.  In Arizona I watched as a dog trainer taught a small dog not to go near rattlesnakes.  Because their curiosity can get them killed.

We do have poisonous snakes here in Lake Conroe, but I think that is a lesson I will let my husband handle as I hate snakes!

Zuzi would not look up at my camera as the sun was in her eyes.  She now has the habit of running away when I start taking pictures because I instruct her to sit still, and only two years old this January, she is very rambunctious with an energy I envy.  Luckily, she sleeps through the night, but licks my hand to wake me up around four or five in the morning to let her out in the garden and I hope there are no snakes around!

In a few weeks Zuzi will see snow as we drive to Utah, and as white as she is I will have put a pink coat on her or she will disappear. I bought her some pink booties, if only she will sit still until I get them on all four paws!