Zuzi's Tail - No 10 - Zuzi's 2nd Birthday

Zuzi's 2nd Birthday

She received a lovely cute birthday card form her vet.

Although she is maturing, she is still very puppyish and going through the terrible twos.  She likes to bark when the doorbell rings, to tell the dog next door to come out to play, and to instruct me that it is playtime. She even barks at the moon.  Rather than yell at her to stop, I throw the ball and she chases it thus the barking stops. 

Because I sing in the shower, she sits by the door, and howls.  Then she grabs the corner of my towel and runs away as I shiver. 

Zuzi is sweet and expects everyone to pet her when we take her walkies, but she is feisty and very stubborn.
I am trying to train her, but she will not come when I call her, especially if she is distracted.  Another trick of hers is to run out the front door and run around the front lawn while I run after her trying to catch her, but she is so fast I can’t do it, so we had to put a chain on the front door, when visitors arrive as we speak through two inches she smells their shoes.  As the saying goes:  “if my dog doesn’t like you – neither do I!”

Zuzi’s mama