Zuzi's Tail - No 2 - Everybody Loves Zuzi

Zuzi before

My little fur baby is nearly eight months old.  She now has her permanent teeth and understands many words such as:  hungry, chewy, water, chicken, bisquit, walkies, kisses, potty, and NO!

During her daily walkies she pulls so hard on her harness causing me to run.  I am also noticing how many human traits she is displaying like jealousy and love.  She is a cuddler and a funny dog. When I'm busy she gets up on her hind legs and dances to catch my attention, not to mention the constant japping.
Yesterday she had her first puppy clip and I was very anxious because this was the first time she had been separated from me and I worried about separation anxiety. So I am attaching the photos of before and after with the little pink bow in her fur. 

Zuzi loves everybody, especially little children of about her height, and people come up to me and ask if they can pet her because she is so adorable, and I am happy to say it makes their day. She wags her tail wildly and gives kisses.

In fact, she makes so many friends for me when I'm holding her outside a store.  They give me their business cards, and I hand them mine. No wonder the creative minds in marketing like to use puppies to advertise their products.

Zuzi's mom,

Zuzi Praying