Zuzi's Tail - No 5 - Zuzi's First Birthday

Zuzi's First Birthday

Zuzi was born on January 4, 2021, and what a year it has been!  Full of vaccinations for both of us, and a joyful year for little Zuzi who approaches every day with curiosity and enthusiasm for life.

She is an absolute delight!  In a year of being with me she has learned many new words, dances backwards on her back paws and sings.
She has learned to socialize with other dogs and barks at the deer that arrive to graze on the grass in our backyard.

She has been spayed and her fur clipped.  She loves to go walkies in the country and gives kisses freely to anyone who picks her up, and she loves everybody.  She has however, picked up some bad habits such as attacking my slippers and growling, destroying her bed, and barking nonstop when the door bell rings. And she thinks I should stop typing immediately when she barks for me to play ball with her.  She is a fantastic retriever and when I throw the ball as far as possible so I can finish a sentence, she brings it back for more play.

She sleeps with me, but wakes me up at any hour of the night to take her out to the cold garden to pee.  Then she wakes me up again when the sun shines through the window when the deer appear, and dazed I comply for she is the light of my life.


 Alinka, dog mom.