Zuzi's Tail - No 7 - Canine Communications

Zuzi's - Chewing Shoe

Mischievous Zuzi decided on a rainy day to redecorate my sitting room with an entire roll of white toilet paper, much to my horror!  A visiting friend asked while I was cleaning up the mess, if I found toilet paper better for protecting my wooden floors better than carpet?

Another one of Zuzi's antics, when I don't have time to take her walkies because I am busy at my computer writing a steamy love scene in one of my novels, is to be a kleptomaniac dog stealing one of my shoes (a form of punishment) which gets my immediate attention especially when she has an expensive high heel between her sharp teeth.

To force me out of my chair, while I am in the middle of writing a murder scene, she starts barking loud, non-stop in a very annoying manner, as if the house were on fire, forcing me to throw her toy twenty times so she can retrieve it.

One of her capers which I hate the most, is when I am walking from one room to another, she grabs my shoelaces causing me to go flying across the room.  How I have not hit my nose on the wall is probably due to the arabesques I learned in childhood ballet classes.

She brings the tennis ball to me exactly at three o'clock every day so that I can throw it for her, but she always pushes it under the the sofa, then whines until I move the heavy piece of furniture to retrieve her favorite ball.  After a sore back, I decided to get her a bigger ball that doesn't roll under the sofa.  Orders from my chiropractor!

When I was practicing singing Casta Diva from Norma with Maria Callas on my laptop, Zuzi decided she liked the music because it has a lot of twirls, and started howling in the sweetest voice hoping to please me as she looks at me for guidance which causes me to lose my concentration on a very difficult aria and laugh out loud.

For all her doggie shenanigans, she is a canine communicator who uses her playfulness to impart her will on this captive dog mom who simply adores her.     


 Alinka, dog mom.